Harmony Interior Wall Textures

Landscape is to sky as interior walls are to ceilings – when you are using the Satori Harmony series of coatings. Like any great relationship, one was meant to bring out the best in the other. Harmony coatings are earth sand and diatomaceous earth based interior finishes. Experience freedom from “flat” surroundings and lose yourself in a symphony of texturized possibilities. Blending different colors during application allows for an array of effects. Bring your walls and ceilings together by creating rooms that were just meant to be… KRM Harmony coatings are designed for walls and ceilings, while KRT is made just for ceilings. All Satori wall coatings are low VOC.

Harmony Series

Satori Harmony series shown above utilizes various texturizing techniques such as feathering by trowel, basket weave by pattern roller and blending by trowel to create a cloudlike effect. KRM S151 is hand troweled on the ceiling. Wall coatings can be applied Japanese traditional style or with EBW-WN custom sealer from Japan, which combines the natural beauty of the Harmony line with stain and water resistance.

KRM S142 and KRM S154 blended   KRM S002 Feather finish
KRM S142 and KRM S154 blended   KRM S002 Feather finish

Satori SKPT is the best way to prepare walls and ceilings before applying Satori Japanese Wall Finishes. SKPT is not only a texturized primer which covers light imperfections in surfaces and provides strong bonding with the finish, but a sealer as well which prevents delamination. Satori finishes glide easily over SKPT. Please read the SKPT Application Manual for details.

Satori Application Instructional Video