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The 60 color choices available for Harmony KRM and KRT are shown below. KRT is made for ceilings only, while KRM can be used for both walls and ceilings. The difference between the two is the texture and lightness of KRT is designed for ease of application on ceilings. The samples show how KRM can be applied smooth, blended with different colors or textured as shown in the 60 examples of textured KRM in the chart below.

Here is an example of KRM S142 and S154 blended in a smooth application.

Harmony KRM S142 and S154 blended

Here we see examples of KRT shown applied textured or smooth.

KRT S406
KRT S406

KRT S002
KRT S002

Please be sure to note that all colors shown may look somewhat differently than the actual colors and that it is very important to see and make samples prior to application. Also, using the Satori Lifestyle Finish with Harmony finishes will significantly change the colors darker than shown below as well as create a shine. Some will like this effect and some will prefer the untreated look. Harmony finishes are not water resistant, nor stain resistant. The Satori Lifestyle Finish will significantly protect Harmony KRM and KRT from staining and also make the finishes harder and more durable.


* Color and finish textures shown may look differently due to lighting and photography.
Please be sure to view actual samples and make sample boards prior to making your final selections.