Raised Plaster Freestyle
Raised Plaster Freestyle Bamboo Stencil
KRM S009 background with the design done in Silver KBB 54 with silver silky fibers.

Raised Plaster Tree Branch Stencil
Background in SAO 41 and stenciling done with KRM 256.

Raised Plaster Carletta Frieze Stencil
Background is KRM 256 blended with KBB Bronze 15 Stenciling done with KRM 104 mixed with gold silky fibers.

Raised Plaster Formosa Palm Stencil
Background in KRM 256 and SAO 41 blended together. The same products used for the stencil with gold silky fibers added.

Raised Plaster Chantilly Floral Stencil
KBB 54 silver as the background. Same product used for the stenciling but added blue glass beads.

Raised Plaster Fern Leaves Stencil
KRM 283 background and stenciling but green glass beads added to stenciling only.

Raised Plaster Swirls Texture Stencil
KRM 104 as the background Stencil design done in KBB Bronze 15 with bronze glitter.

Raised Plaster Oriental Dogwood Stencil
Background done with KRM 150 Stenciling done with KBB Gold 14 with gold glitter added.

Raised Plaster Asher Stone Stencil
KRM S009 background to serve as the grout lines Swirls of the following colors over the stencil make the stones: KRM 150, 256, 283. These are blotted randomly on then smoothed together to blend.

Raised Plaster Astana Medallion Stencil
KRM 256 for both the back- ground and the stenciling but added gold silky fibers to the stencil.

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