Creating Walls That Transcend Space.


Creating walls naturally suited to the individualist.

Satori Elements gives you a way to express yourself in your surroundings with a natural earth sand based Japanese Plaster. This series lets you select the one of a kind look you want with any of the Elements colors. A unique sand finish which does not coat over additives, makes it easy to select your choice of Japanese rice straw, glass beads, mica, seashells, and silky fibers to mix in with the wall plaster and apply to your walls. More…


Creating walls that transcend space.

Satori Universe series focuses on reaching beyond limits and creating living spaces where you will always feel connected to something larger than yourself. The Universe series has a natural shimmer from earth metals. You can enhance this effect with additives carefully chosen and imported from Japan. Your options with Satori Universe are truly endless. More…


Creating balance with walls and ceilings.

Landscape is to sky as interior walls are to ceilings – when you are using the Satori Harmony series of Japanese Plaster. Like any great relationship, one was meant to bring out the best in the other. Surfaces balance and complement each other to create a world of choices and self-expression. Experience freedom from “flat” surroundings and lose yourself in a symphony of texturized possibilities. More…

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