Wabi-Sabi Design

Wabi-Sabi Design & Satori Plasters

The ancient Japanese concept of Wabi- Sabi when applied to design celebrates natural imperfections as being part of perfection and therefore the beauty and mystery of nature which speaks to the artistry of hand applied Satori Japanese Plaster.

When planning and designing you must consider the personality of the people who will live and visit there, the history and feel of the building, the message emanating from the walls and spacing of furniture as well as the artistry of the applicator applying Satori Japanese Plaster. Natural and authentic Satori Japanese Plaster is an excellent choice if you are trying to achieve a Wabi-Sabi inspired interior space.

Each of these photos showcase the concepts of simplicity, natural materials and the flow of energy.

Wabi-Sabi Design and Indoor-Outdoor Living

These photos show how synergy and flow combine to create an Indoor-Outdoor living design space.

Satori Elements, Universe and Harmony plasters each have special attributes which allow for customization through additives, texturizing and the personal artistry of application.

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