Each of our additives have been carefully selected and are imported from Japan. They can be added to any of the Elements SAO and Universe Japanese Plaster to customize walls for the most discerning individualist. We suggest that you try the additive of your choice with a sample kit and create different intensities to find the right one for your lifestyle.

Each bag of additives is pre-measured for each bag of Satori Japanese Plaster except for Mica, for which one 500g bag is typically enough for 5 bags of Satori SAO. Satori Mica is calcined and will not bleed into the finish. You can expect to achieve the look in the samples with this measurement, however, we always recommend you make your own samples as application methods can alter the results. If you want an especially intense look, you can use more additives. Additives can protrude outside of the finish and make cleaning more difficult.

The Satori Lifestyle Finish can be used over additives and can improve durability and stain resistance as well as make walls gently washable. Care should be taken when cleaning over exposed additives. These beautiful additives give you many possibilities to create unique plaster walls for any contemporary environment.

KBB 10 with Silky Fibers

KBB 15 with Gold Mica

SAO 42 with Fine Straw

SAO 61 with Fine Straw

SAO 44 with Glass Beads

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