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Satori Japanese Plasters are not washable or “scrubbable”, but can be cleaned by dusting, patched or repaired. We offer the Satori Lifestyle Finish in the U.S. market for those wanting a stain resistant surface which can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. We still do not recommend the plasters be applied in areas which will be repeatedly exposed to water and other heavy staining areas such as showers, sinks and directly over a stove for instance.

The Satori Lifestyle Finish is a low VOC (12 g/l) urethane coating which can be rolled on over Satori Japanese Plaster Elements SAO/SAO SC and Universe series and additives. The coating will make the plasters water and stain resistant, more durable and washable with a mild soap. Some additives may be slightly exposed through the plaster and although the Lifestyle Finish can improve the durability of exposed additives, extra care should be taken while cleaning these areas.

Please carefully read the manual for Satori Lifestyle Finish before application and we advise creating your own sample boards to observe any changes in the appearance of your selected plaster. The Elements and Universe series of plasters are minimally effected in appearance after the Lifestyle Finish has been applied according to instructions. However, the Harmony series of wall coatings experiences a change in color, usually darker, as well as some shine in the final result which can take up to 5 days as the urethane coating fully cures. We recommend Satori Harmony custom sealer EBW-WN, which is used only for Harmony Japanese Plaster be used so that it’s natural matte look is maintained.

Please note that the Harmony series ability to absorb and break down formaldehyde is compromised by the application of Satori Lifestyle Finish or EBW-WN and if this feature is desired, sealers should not be applied. Another choice may be to apply SLF or EBW-WN on Harmony KRM for walls only and not on ceilings. Note that when EBW-WN sealer is used with Harmony plaster the result will be a natural matte finish like the samples in our brochures however, the colors will be lighter but may be adjusted through custom tinting.Contact us for more information.

The Satori Lifestyle Finish for Elements and Universe or EBW-WN for Harmony Japanese Plasters are great for stain, water resistance and washability!

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