Elements Series

The meaning of Satori is individual enlightenment, and it is a complex process for anyone. Enlightenment can simply mean being true to one’s aspirations and feelings. Satori Elements gives you a way to express yourself in your surroundings with a natural earth particles based wall coating. All Satori wall coatings are Certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold for low VOC. Satori Elements series focuses on balance in nature and one’s life. Each of our additives have been carefully selected and are imported from Japan. They can be added to any of the Elements finishes to customize walls for the most discerning individualist.


Creating Walls Naturally Suited to the Individualist

Satori Elements series shown above with imported Japanese rice straw additives, creates an inviting and “enlightening” living space. Wall coatings can be applied Japanese traditional style or with the “Satori Lifestyle Finish” which combines the natural beauty of the Elements line with stain and water resistance.

SAO 61 with Straw   SAO 42 with Straw
SAO 61 with Straw   SAO 42 with Straw

Satori Elements SAO series is available in many colors and can be customized with additives to create the unique and personalized wall coatings Interior Designers crave for both residential and commercial spaces. Perfect for Contemporary, Urban, Zen or Japanese interior and architectural design.

Satori SKPT is the best way to prepare walls and ceilings before applying Satori Japanese Wall Finishes. SKPT is not only a texturized primer which covers light imperfections in surfaces and provides strong bonding with the finish, but a sealer as well which prevents delamination. Satori finishes glide easily over SKPT. Please read the SKPT Application Manual for details.

Satori SAO with Straw Application Instructional Video